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Liquid Art Team Building

corporate & team building events

Brush off the work stress and let creativity flow! 

Our corporate painting and drinking party aim to boost employee well-being, stimulate innovative thinking, and create a positive work environment.

If you fancy a different sort of team building activity that anyone can participate in look no further! 

We can tailor any team building event to your needs. We can host in venues with food options, come to your offices or even virtual and hybrid or virtual events for those working remotely. This does not have to involve drinking.

All our classes are step by step and for absolute beginners perfect for team building. Watch your team come together and get creative as they try something new. Drinking and painting event that rejuvenates minds, promotes mindfulness, and encourages friendly competition in a relaxed setting. 

We have 100s of painting for you to choose from or if you have an idea for one, we can create it for you. This could be to support your company’s theme or a theme of the team building day. 

These sessions can last between 2- 3 hours depending on how much people are drinking and talking, the painting size and if there is a break for food.

We have a few corporate event options: 
In Venue - You are welcome to source your own even for these events or use one that we have partnered with, this tends to have food break included. 

Your Offices - We can come to your offices where you provide the refreshments and pop up our art classes in your space. We will happily travel to you being our artist and art supplies. This is great for offices that have the space to do so ideally a meeting or conference room, though we have hosted in open offices before. Painting can be a little messy at times, but we reduce this as much as possible bringing our tablecloths, aprons and wipes that get paint off pretty much anything just in case. Previously we have done theses for team building, office social and team fundraising activities. 

In Our Studio – We have our own studio in Great Linford, Milton Keynes which can be great for teams to have a day out of the office. We can host teams of up to 16-18 people maximum and are much more flexible with availability. You can bring your own drinks, food or even order food to the studio as we do not have a bar set up. This is a much more chilled environment. 

Virtual Events – We can also host virtual team building for those working remotely and even send out art supplies for them. Have a virtual team budling via zoom or teams. 

Price is dependent on numbers with few people costing more pp and location if outside if Milton Keynes. 
We are normally very flexible for available with our artist get in contact via the form below to for an accurate quote and to see when we can drink and paint with you!  


your enquiry 

If you'd like to enquire about a possible Corporate & Team Building events please fill out the form below, feel free to call or email us. 

Please provide as much information as possible for us to give you an accurate quote. We will try to get back to your enquiry as soon as possible. Thank you! 


mobile: 07535632050

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