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Looking for a unique gift for your art-loving friend or family member?


Look no further than our Gift Voucher for £20, redeemable on our website for any of our drinking and painting parties. Our Gift Vouchers are printable, making them the perfect last-minute gift option. We will need to send you a code to make this valid which can be done quickly and please message us if you need this sooner. Theses vouchers are valid for a year and can be folded into a opening card if you wish. Just fold the lines once you have printed it out. 


With a variety of classes to choose from, your loved one can explore their creative side while enjoying a drink or two in a fun and relaxed setting. Give the gift of creativity and fun with our Gift Voucher for £20.


For reference of our ticket Prices:

Studio Events are £30 pp 

In Venue Events are £38pp

Gift Voucher £20

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